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Keep your head up girl! I'm a single mother of 2 girls and survivor of domestic violence and addiction.  I'm 7 years safe and 4 years sober.  I have family but since my familly believes I burned my bridges and do not deserve any more chances I am moving on without them.  I have no friends and life has been rough to say the least.  I have my kids though and so do you!! You are a woman and have the power to pick yourself up and be stronger than EVER!  If you ever need a shoulder to lean of (virtual haha) please I'm only a message away.  There is nothing that will shock me or make me judge you because chances are I've already seen it or done it.  Please for yourself and your children call and find a church and if you can't get to the church for whatever reason ask them if they have transportation help.  Don't stop at the first no you hear, keep going until the right church comes along and before you know it you'll have many many people not only giving you the love you need but opening doors you never knew existed.  God Bless!

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